Lotus Parable outdoor gathering


Following the enchanting energy of our recent gathering, and just before the chill of winter sets in, we’re planning the ultimate outdoor gathering to wrap up this season! True to our tradition, we’ll dive into the world of underground rhythms and emotions in a location of pure magic, where nature’s beauty surrounds us while the ocean’s gentle waves are just a breath away. The evening will kick off with deep hypnotic beats, leading you on a journey through psychedelic forest sounds while we dance around the fire’s glow. If you’re familiar with our events and their unique ambiance, save the date, and let’s come together to craft yet another unforgettable night.
Due to the exclusive nature of this venue, attendance is restricted to pre-sale ticket holders only. This event will maintain its private ambiance, accessible solely to our invited guests. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to share the invitation with friends and family who would resonate with our concept.
Line up :
*Patraulea (Live analog performance)
*Elastic Vision
*Hani Sama
*Live video mapping by Mellow lines
Cerwin Vega sound system

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