Ahoora festival second phase


The Ahoora Festival is a celebration that pays tribute to the concept of Ahoora Mazda, the creator of the universe, and takes its name from the ancient Persian and Avestan word “Ahoora.” With origins dating back to 441 BC, the festival aims to honor the creator of all things material and spiritual, light and darkness, and the order of the universe.

The Ahoora Festival 2023 – Reunion is scheduled to be held from September 14th to 17th in the southern region of Turkey. Building on their previous successful collaborations with the Psychedelic community, the Ahoora crew is excited to return to Turkey for this special occasion.

Attendees can look forward to four nights of an immersive and mind-expanding experience in a stunning location overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The festival takes place on a picturesque beach, providing the perfect backdrop for music, art, and the vibrant energy of like-minded individuals coming together to celebrate in a psychedelic atmosphere.

Whether you are interested in exploring the spiritual and philosophical roots associated with the name Ahoora or simply seeking a unique and transformative experience, the Ahoora Festival offers a chance to connect with others and push the boundaries of consciousness. Set in a captivating seaside setting, it promises to be a truly enchanting event.

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